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Dan Gillis, an American screenwriter residing in Paris who has lately been abandoned by his wife and is adjusting to his new life as a bachelor while caring for his son, Danny, is tasked with writing a movie. The invitation comes from Legrand, a successful producer with whom he has previously collaborated, but this time he is being asked to collaborate with Malcolm, a young and unknown film director, on an unorthodox story. Dan is unsure about the offer, seeing it as a departure from the type of work he has become accustomed to, but Legrand's persistence and the young director's intriguing personality eventually persuade him to accept the job, despite Marilyn, his gorgeous but crippled agent's reservations. Dan soon realizes that there's more at stake than simply a movie as he gets to work. As he immerses himself in the restricted environment of incestuous interactions around Malcolm and his beautiful young sister Jenny, with whom Dan quickly falls enamored, his life will be changed.

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